Who are we looking for?

Team Oxygen eSports strive to be on top. We are looking for hardworking, motivated and passionate players who are willing to put the time and effort into becoming the best player they can be. We are looking for both EU and NA players.

What can we offer you?

Currently, we do not offer a paid salary or any other monetary benefits and therefore we do not take a cut from your prize-pool. You keep all money made while playing under our organization. We hope this will change in the near future once we can secure sponsorship deals and pay you for all of your hard work! We do however provide some following benefits:

– A free jersey for each player if attending a live LAN event. (Provided by Manatee)
– A professional, hardworking atmosphere to help you become the best player you can be.
– Management to help you sign-up and search for PUBG events.
– Management to help you schedule your team’s practice hours.
– Full promotion of your social media accounts (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube videos) through our official channels.
– Digital graphic packages for your social media, including Banners, Avatars and Twitch overlays.
– Be featured on the website with links to all social media accounts.
– Be part of a growing community. You help us? We help you.

While we are a small (but growing!) organization, we live by the “You help us? We help you.” mentality. Playing for us means our organization can branch out to different communities and gather additional fans from all around the world in different games. Right now this is our main goal and we continue to grow each day. With your help, we can look forward and begin to apply for more serious sponsorship opportunities so we can start supporting our players financially. While this is happening, it is our goal that we promote our players as much as possible to help them reach theirs.

Note: You will not be under any contract or be asked to sign anything while playing for us. You may leave the team at any time as well as be removed from the team by the organization for any reason.

How do you apply?

You can apply for the team using the following Google form:

All try-outs will take place using Discord. You MUST have a working microphone to apply.


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